Sukkot D’Var Torah – Sept 29 – Barbara Aland

This week’s Torah portion is a special one for the Shabbat that falls during the week of Sukkot. We leave Deuteronomy with just one Torah portion left to go and go back to Exodus Chapter 33. On Sunday night for Simchas Torah, we will finish up Deuteronomy and then start the Torah again with Genesis….

Continuing the Holiday Tradition… – Monika F Singletary

Here we are, in one of my most favorite months of the year, October. It is a personal favorite for a number of reasons, the weather attempts to get cooler, the leaves here in Birmingham are turning into beautiful shades of orange, red, and yellow, football season is escalating, our wardrobes change to shades of…

The Season – Lisa Bebenek

The season is upon us.  The High Holy Days season, you ask?  Football season, perhaps?  Well, yes, those too, but I was referring to the midterm election season.  The one with all the annoying commercials, where your crazy neighbors (like me) have all those signs in their yards, and the phones ring with robocalls.  Election…

A Little Family Promise – Billie Marsala

Within in a year of arriving in Birmingham and at Temple Emanu-El, Rabbi Miller put his arm around me after service one morning and told another member, “She’d be perfect for the job!” That was how I began the journey of becoming the coordinator for Family Promise of Birmingham at Temple Emanu-El two years ago….

Ethics and Morals 101 – Jackie Feldman

Shabbat shalom.  My name is Jackie Feldman.  I had a lot of possible topics I wanted to speak on tonight…mental health, education, politics, my family, and, then I discovered this week’s Torah portion was Ki Teiitzei, from Deuteronomy, which lists and explains over 70 of the 613 Commandments shared at Sinai.  You know, the one…